Welcome to Q’N Beagles!

Welcome to Q’N BEAGLES! We believe in beagles excelling in performance events, so we are here to promote positive training of beagles for competition in all dog sports; From sports beagles naturally excel in, like Tracking and Nosework, to the sports where beagles are less common, like Agility, Rally and Obedience, you will find a Q’N Beagle!

We are not a breeding kennel, we only deal in performance events. We get our beagles from reputable breeders and turn them into versatile, performance beagles!! Please enjoy our beagles!


Proud Recipient of the following awards:

The Bay Team’s “Newcomer of the Year” for 2015
ACE Dog Sports’ “Outstanding Newbie” for 2013

Proud Member of the following clubs:

National Beagle Club of America, Supporting Member
SMART: Salinas-Monterey Agility Racing Team, Member
TRACS: Two Rivers Agility Club, Member

Proud Member of the following group:

BOAT: Beagles in Obedience, Agility and Tracking